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Succeed at email marketing: 4 ways to grow your subscriber list

Picture this: you're lounging like a lizard on a sun-kissed beach. You stir yourself long enough to refresh your bod in the crystal-clear ocean. Then you slurp something luscious and replant your nose in an absorbing book.

Meanwhile, your savvily planned, perfectly placed marketing emails are working their digital derrières off, keeping your customers engaged and eager for more.

If this sounds like your kind of summer marketing strategy.

Read on.

Women typing on laptop with coffee

The secret to successful email marketing

Email marketing will build your momentum if you send juicy, 'give me more of that' flavoured content to contented customers on your well-made email list.

These subscriber-humans have trusted you with their email. They look forward to you treating them like the special customers they so obviously are. They look forward to opening your personalised emails, packed with all the good things they've come to expect from you and your business.

Cracking the 'chicken and egg' biz behind effective email marketing

In case you missed the key bit above, it's 'juicy, 'give me more of that' flavoured content' meets 'a well-made email marketing list' of action-ready subscribers.'

So, where do you start with the 'chicken and egg' biz of building your list by creating great content?

How do you build an email list of loyal, brand-loving customers who'll spread the word about your all-around wonderfulness and give you feedback that helps you serve them even better?

How do you create gosh-wow email content that gets a 'hell yes' from happy-to hear-from-you readers who click through to that good thing you're offering?


4 Ways to encourage customers to trust you with their email

1. Website add-ons that work to build your list

Trade irresistibly valuable offers for email sign-ups.

Place a cleverly crafted pop-up

Place these on a carefully selected page. Give something jaw-droppingly generous and helpful – discounted first dibs on a training course or a new product, a fab freebie resource that will make their lives easier or more fun and gives a great insight into how your business works or a free chunk of time to discuss a pressing problem.

💡Tip: Pop-ups get (IMHO deservedly) bad press, so don't annoy or distract your potential customers by adding them everywhere. How To Create an Opt-In Pop-Up People Won't Hate! has excellent advice on getting pop-ups right.

Create an exclusive members-only section

This corner of your site offers premium content, resources, and experiences reserved for your most valued audience. Think VIP lounge at a summer beach party.

Setting up a membership zone will probably involve adding a free or paid plug-in to your existing site. If you're an ace at wrangling your website's back end, 'these guides to choosing and installing membership plug-ins for WordPress and Wix websites may help. If back-end biz is not your thing, your site designer/developer should be able to help.

Shameless plug from me:

When I'm not soaking up sun and sea this summer, I'm creating a members-only 'Shining Social Media' workbook and tutorial for mastering the five 'must haves' for scintillating socials.

2. A simple social media strategy for email list building

Turn conversations into connections.

Invite your social media followers. It's likely you're chatting with your social media followers via direct messages (DMs). These conversations are perfect for inviting already engaged humans to join your email list.

💡Tip: Consider using Instagram's "saved replies" feature to send a warm and personable message like, 'I enjoy our chats and value your feedback on my services. You might find my exclusive monthly newsletter updates and business tips right up your alley.' Use a light touch and perhaps reassure them that you won't be flooding their inbox.

3. And the ultimate email list-building strategy is …

… create good content

Craft resources that genuinely solve your audience's pain points or inspire them to do things differently or better. Think 'how to' checklists, step-by-step guides, ebooks, and mini case studies that prove you get results for your clients.

Share generous 'preview' chunks of courses or programs you offer. Give heartfelt shoutouts and recommendations to business owners who've helped you and maybe just as useful to your customers. Recommend products and services whose production and purpose match your values.

Besides attracting new subscribers, you'll also establish your cred as an expert in your niche.

💡Tip: Besides being useful and expert, be human. Try these 10 tips for adding wit, warmth and charm to your socials.

4. Spring into action

If you've already planned your summer getaway but 'sorting the summer marketing' is still on your to-do list, setting up some hard-working email marketing will keep your audience engaged and growing while you take a break.


If you're feeling a bit 'listless', let me know. We'll get you sorted with one or more of these cracking good strategies for gently persuading curious humans to trust you with their emails.


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