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Content to show how marvellous you are without the icky sales pitch!

User-generated content is a hot trend right now, but it has been here for a long time! When asking people how they found a business, the response is usually through referral. This is also known as word of mouth, where a consumer naturally shares their glowing satisfaction with others. This recommendation from friends and colleagues outperforms any advertising you create. It’s one of your most significant marketing assets that you should be harnessing.

Businesses spend a large sum of money on advertising to attract new audiences, but how about we start focusing on igniting our existing customers by encouraging them to help others.

One of the first things you can ask your existing customers to share their happy experiences by leaving a quick review. This can be done through Google, Facebook, and a feedback form. Think about where your customers finds you, and this will be the place you can ask for a review. For example, you might get the highest sales through Facebook. Therefore, this is where you should be focusing on building your digital reputation.

Increase your digital footprint

Reviews increase your digital visibility so that you get noticed, which will lead to higher sales. Reviews also increase your SEO ranking and help your audience build trust with your brand. A business that you see have raving reviews increases its credibility and people are more likely to interact and then purchase. That’s a win!

Reviews create brand loyalty

Think about your last significant purchase, did you do you research to find out more information about the business you were buying from? You likely jumped on google to see their reviews and if they were glowing, I bet that this made your decision to buy easier.

Reviews are an opportunity for your business to further engage with your customer. It shows that you care about their experience, further developing and nurturing the relationship. Research shows that more engagement leads to more robust and meaningful connections.

Asking for a review

Don’t forget to ask customers for their reviews and let them know what it means to your business. If you give prompts when asking for a review, it helps future customers know more about what to expect. Ask them politely to leave a review, and just in case they need some prompts, here are some suggestions:

  • After my purchase I was able to …

  • I found the experience to be ….

  • I purchased this because… and now I can ….

  • When I worked with {business name} I felt …

  • I highly recommend {business name} because they were able to help me with …

  • The happiest thing about the product or service was …

  • Since purchasing {name of product or service} I have…

  • The thing that exceeded my expectations the most was …

Don’t forget the big heart thank-you

Showing your gratitude and what it means for your business should not be forgotten. Make sure you reply to each review and show your love and appreciation.


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