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All the marketing moves for attracting
your ideal customers

A transformational marketing skills and mentoring program for small business owners and 'go to' marketers
keen to swap messy for marvellous

You love your business to bits.

But you're so over trying to market it.

Despite your best efforts, your marketing's in bits.

If only you could:

  • Swap fed up and flummoxed for savvy and skilful

  • Figure out what it takes to attract and keep your ideal customers

  • Make a creative, efficient, high integrity marketing plan, the cornerstone of your business success 

Now you can.

Hand us your messy, minimal, hit-and-miss marketing. We'll make it ethical, effective and engaging in a 💗beat.

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Laura is looking at her phone and holding a cup of coffee, she is wearing a pink blazer

I was in a marketing funk and just going around in circles with no clear plan.

Laura's program was just what I needed. I got clear on what I value and what I offer and this in turn helped with my marketing plan.


The modules were broken up into bit-sized pieces and Laura provided great written resources that I will refer back to. I am so much more confident going into the near with some achievable and measurable goals!


Best of all, the hard work is already paying off and I am the busiest I have ever been.

Fiona  |  Fiona Sexton Photogrpahy

You're a smart business human, but marketing just messes with your head   

You know you need to get good at it.

You've done bits and bobs

  • Downloaded a free content calendar

  • Subscribed to some marketing guru's weekly tips and tricks

  • Done a business branding workshop

  • Set up your (unloved) Insta or Facebook pages

….and the result? Nada…no buzz, no breakthroughs. 


Now the mere mention of 'marketing' makes you feel:


Marketing's so complicated, it sucks up hours, it's boring as… 

What if it was easy and fun?


It's 'sleazy and salesy,' and that's so not you.

What if marketing matched your values?


It's unfathomable. How do you even begin to get a grip?

What if you put every piece of the puzzle in place?

Swap overwhelmed, icky and clueless for ….



Sort your marketing mindset…think 'positive, proactive, and playful.

So you can get curious, get out of your own way, and go for it



Get a mighty marketing toolbox you'll use forever and a day

Every single 'nut and bolt' you need to build and maintain brilliant marketing campaigns   



Show up in style in your ideal clients' favourite places, then knock their socks off

Zero effort and money wasted by trying to be everywhere for everyone  

How it works... like a charm

'Build Marketing Momentum' transforms your marketing mess.


It replaces incoherent bits and bobs with an integrated marketing ecosystem that's powerful, purposeful, playful and whole. 

  • Choose individual or group mentoring sessions on Zoom

  • Get top templates to save you time and brain space

  • Learn by doing actual marketing tasks using instructional videos and resources on the online portal

Laura laughing and throwing multicoloured streamers in the air

The details

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Mentoring sessions and workshop

  • 4 x 90 minute mentoring sessions at pivotal points to:

    • Kickstart your marketing makeover

    • Elevate your skills

    • Keep you on track

    • Celebrate success and sustain momentum

  • Drive your content workshop​

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What you will learn

  • Planning - how to apply proven marketing principles to get seen and grow

  • Goal setting - define superb and doable goals that align to your business aims and values

  • Branding - how to build a powerful and authentic brand that's irresistible to your ideal clients

  • Connecting - master the art and science of showing up in the right way, in the right places

  • Creating content - create kickass content that converts curious bystanders into contented customers

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Top Takeaways

  • A mighty marketing toolbox choc full of tested tips and tricks

  • A 12-18 month marketing plan, a.k.a your success roadmap

  • A hot handful of irresistible, all ready-to-go marketing campaigns 

  • A super stash of downloadable templates

Inspired Hive Bee RGB Black.png


  • Frank and fearless feedback from me (Laura) to ensure your marketing is a mind-blowing delight to your audience

    • Troubleshoot and tweak to ensure clients get clear, marvellous messaging everywhere  

    • Send one weekly draft for review to lift your efforts

  • Access to Laura anytime via the award-winning, easy peasy chat app Marco Polo

Enter the Elevation Ecosystem

Laura is standing in front of a whiteboard smiling, she is wearing a blue jacket

Why it works 

Energy , connection and flow

We'll build your marketing momentum inside the elevation ecosystem.

Just like a natural ecosystem, this one's:

  • A network of beautifully distinctive but interdependent parts.

  • A living, breathing, evolving system that's so much more than the sum of its five parts

As in nature, it's powered by cyclic, seasonal energy that determines what we do and when.   

That said, branding's our entry point. 
It's where we'll nail your ' why ' so that 'what, and 'who' and 'how' can flow seamlessly from there to the other four parts.

Setting up your ecosystem builds a web of interconnected marketing activities to keep you focused and intent on attracting and keeping great customers.

Here's what we'll cover

1. Branding - Build a powerful authentic brand that's irresistible to your ideal clients 
2. Goals - Set superb, ambitious, doable goals 150% aligned to your business aims and values  
3. Planning - Apply proven marketing principles to getting seen, and growing 
4. Connection - Master the art and science of showing up in the right way, in the right places
5. Content - Create kickass content that converts curious bystanders into contented customers

Once it's flourishing, your marketing ecosystem flows and grows naturally.   

Hi, I'm Laura ...

I'll be your trainer, mentor, and cheerleader. 

I'm Queen Bee at The Inspired Hive, where I work one on one with business owners and community organisations to build brilliant brands that spark and sustain their success.

I also put my mentoring and marketing smarts to work in these community-focused roles:



  • Program Mentor with Startup Gippsland  helping emerging entrepreneurs establish strong business foundations


  • Volunteer Coordinator with Rokeby Market supporting stallholders to launch their small businesses

I live in beautiful Gippsland, but I provide kind, clever, pragmatic mentoring and marketing training everywhere.

The Inspired Hive logomark

All the cred

● Master of Business Administration (Management)

● Graduate Certificate in Education for Sustainability

● Bachelor of Commerce

● Diploma in Management and Tourism

● Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

● 20 plus years in senior management in the not-for-profit  and Community Education sectors

Laura puts her heart into all she does and is truly inspirational.

Build Marketing Momentum, simply delivers what it says. Laura is informative, knowledgeable and always striving to help you get the most out of the course.

Lianne  |  Lianne Marley Photography

Pink bee line

How will your marketing change?

Everything! But let's start with 4 top transformations

A super sustainable marketing plan

…. that's a delight to draw up and a dream to implement, PROMISE!

A knack for working on your business

…. as well as in it. See the big picture, seize every opportunity to do things even better

A stream of contented clients

… plus a waiting list choc-full of people just busting to work with you

A great burst of pure delight

…. at discovering how to attract and keep your ideal clients who'll rave about what you do

Choose your program

You join a group program or opt individual mentoring. Either way, you'll get an armload of 'how to ace your marketing' resources and a bundle of super-powered marketing skills to set you up for the next 12-18 months and beyond. 


What does it cost?


$1500 - $2500 depending on the program you choose. Pay upfront or in four x monthly instalments.

Calculate the cost in terms of the peace of mind and pure joy you'll feel when kickass marketing's bringing loads of business through your doors. And well.. that’s probably priceless.

Laura is smiling holding a bunch of pink flowers

Group Program

$375 per month

over 4 months or $1500 in full

Starting Tuesday 13 February
Group mentoring dates -

Tuesday 13 February

Tuesday 12 March

Tuesday 16 April

Tuesday 14 May

Drive Your Content workshop - Monday 19 Feb

Individual Program

$625 per month

over 4 months or $2500 in full

Start anytime

Express your interest for the next intake.

Register your interest here and I will be in touch when the next group program launches.

Thanks for registering, I'll be in touch soon!

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