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💓Beat Marketing Package 

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Hands-on marketing mangagement

Heart-driven marketing support for
community organisations and not-for-profits
too busy changing lives to take care of making marketing magic

You do great work 

You pump all your energy and expertise into making a difference for your community.  No wonder there's next to nothing left in the tank to spread the word about what you do and connect to more humans who really need you. 

What if you could:

● Say 'enough already' to half-hearted, underachieving marketing, and put the whole kit and caboodle in safe, skilful hands  

● Wake up to perfectly planned, expertly executed, wow-worthy, marketing campaigns that bring you a flock of new clients and enhance your relationships with former and current ones  

● Be seen and celebrated far and wide for being the positive, powerful, life affirming bunch of game-changers you so definitely are.

Now you can.

Hand us your messy, minimal, hit-and-miss marketing. We'll make it ethical, effective and engaging in a 💗beat.

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Laura is looking at her phone and holding a cup of coffee, she is wearing a pink blazer

I love the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills Laura brings to everything.

I am so grateful for the amazing marketing expertise of Laura at The Inspired Hive. We now have a presence on Facebook and Instagram and a whole new look to all our marketing material.  Laura is great at passing on her knowledge and training staff as well, so we can be a little more self sufficient, although I couldn’t imagine doing marketing without Laura’s amazing touch.

Di Geddes | Exceptional Care for You

You’re a bunch of ace educators and community builders, but marketing just does your head in. 

Sorting your marketing has been on the back burner since ... forever. 

Maybe you handballed the job to your willing but wildly busy Office Admin/HR/Finance human. And they donned this extra hat and did their best to: 

●  Set up socials

Hello, unloved Insta and floundering Facebook pages 

● Implement the tonne of tricks and tips they got at a marketing workshop

Cue overwhelm and analysis paralysis

● Update your website content

Cue frustration and fury from struggling with 'SEO this' and 'metadata that' and keeping everything schmick

● Create flyers in a flurry so you could make a splash at that conference/community event/ business after five  

Alas, those flyers didn't fly ... cos not everyone's a natural on Canva 


Now when someone says, 'We've gotta get on the front foot with our marketing', everyone feels:   



We're miles off the marketing pace. If we don't catch on and catch up our competitors will eat us alive 

*What if it getting up to speed and sharpening your edge was easy and fun?*

Be the buzz you wish to see in the world.png


'Marketing's so hard, it sucks up hours, we can't spare and takes skills we don't have. 

*What if it just got done ...brilliantly .. without doing your head in or draining your resources ?*



'Pleeze, don't pick (on) me. I'd help if I could, but I've got zero time and next to no skills, and I know it'd end badly.'  

*What if we took care of it? But if you're keen to morph into a marketing ace, we'll support you.*
Swap desperate, defeated and discombobed for:


Your organisation's a class act, so let's give you marketing to match. 


  • Lively, confident, inspiring, informative socials

  • Wow-worthy website updates

  • Persuasive print publicity 

  • Email campaigns that impress and energise your audience



Your values infuse everything else you do. Let's give you purposeful, heart-driven marketing that celebrates who you are and fits your business goals.  


  • A kickarse strategy

  • A cracking good plan

  • On-call advice and regular pulse checks 



'Pleeze, don't pick (on) me. I'd help if I Let's get you seen and heard in your ideal clients’ favourite places. Be genuinely present and forge heartfelt connections that stand the test of time.

Show up

  • Confidently

  • Authentically

  • Regularly

How it works... in a heartbeat

The 💗Beat Marketing Package pumps energy and purpose into all your marketing arteries. Swap sluggish, scrappy, ad hoc marketing for sensational, switched-on marketing and get stellar results...month in, month out.  

● Fully customised and calibrated to your organisation's heartbeat - no prepackaging, nothing off the shelf  

● Regular pulse checks - we don't do 'set and forget'

Laura laughing and throwing multicoloured streamers in the air

What's in your 💗Beat Marketing Package?

Lock in an hour of power and on-call advice. Planning, pulse checking and troubleshooting- we’ve got your back

An hour of power meeting to: 

  • Monitor your progress - aka review your Analytics  

  • Plan the carefully calibrated activities we'll do for you over the month

  • On-call advice to sort out any accidents and emergencies. Send us an SOS message via the (super secure, award-winning)     Marco Polo video app

Pick and mix to match each month's changing needs

Choose a monthly combo from these eight great marketing activities

1. 24 Social media posts - 3 per week across 2 platforms
Perfectly formed individual posts – clear, smile-inducing, brand-building words that work, so-not-your-average stock images, handpicked hashtags
2. 2 x Email campaigns
Story-driven email campaigns, snappily written, snazzily illustrated, and sure to attract attention and spark action
3. Website updates 
Fresh content to delight your humans, SEO tune-ups to get the Google bots onside and raise your ranking 
4. Heart-stoppingly great templates and promotional flyers
Beautifully branded and easy to use for event flyers and on or offline promotions, adding flair and fun to essential information for customers
5. Mapping and managing your customer's journey 
Understand the different levels and ways customers engage with your organisation and shape your marketing to meet their needs at every stage
6. Refresh and reorganise all your marketing materials
So you’re all set to wow your audience at events or inspire and thank your current customers

7. Lead generation
Create beautifully branded offers, resources and freebies that showcase your cred and generosity and make you irresistible to new customers
8. Marketing Mentoring
If when you're ready to take up some or all of the reins, we'll be there to guide you 

Why it works 

Laura is standing in front of a whiteboard smiling, she is wearing a blue jacket

Enter the Elevation Ecosystem

Energy , connection and flow

We'll create your deeply connected, heart-driven marketing inside the elevation ecosystem.

Just like a natural ecosystem, this one's:
● A network of beautifully distinctive but interdependent parts  
● A living, breathing, evolving system that's so much more than the sum of its five components 

As in nature, It's powered by cyclic, seasonal energy that determines what we do and when.    

That said, branding's our entry point. 
It's where we'll nail your ' why ' so that 'what, and 'who' and 'how' can flow seamlessly from there to the other four parts.

Setting up your ecosystem builds a web of interconnected marketing activities to keep you focused and intent on attracting and keeping great customers.

Blue bee line

Here's what we'll cover

1. Branding - Build a powerful authentic brand that's irresistible to your ideal clients 
2. Goals - Set superb, ambitious, doable goals 150% aligned to your business aims and values  
3. Planning - Apply proven marketing principles to getting seen, and growing 
4. Connection - Master the art and science of showing up in the right way, in the right places
5. Content - Create kickass content that converts curious bystanders into contented customers

Once it's flourishing, it flows and grows naturally.     

Hi, I'm Laura ...

I’m Queen Bee at The Inspired Hive, where my team and I work with community organisations and business owners to build brilliant brands that spark and sustain their success.

The Inspired Hive logomark

Twenty-plus years in the community sector

After twenty-plus years as a senior manager in the community sector, I know exactly how much heart-driven, hard-headed work goes into building buoyant, sustainable not-for-profits and community education organisations.  

The Inspired Hive logomark

Community-minded change maker  


I've put my marketing smarts and business nous to work in many community-focused roles including these:

● Marketing and Communication Officer at Adult Community Education Victoria 2018- 2022

● Mentor with Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) on the Digital Solutions program advising Victorian businesses on building their online presence    

● Marketing strategist for several not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia

● Education and Industry Director at Community College Gippsland 

The Inspired Hive logomark

Grateful Gippslander 

I live in beautiful Gippsland, but I provide kind, clever, pragmatic marketing management and mentoring everywhere.

The Inspired Hive logomark

All the cred

● Master of Business Administration (Management)

● Graduate Certificate in Education for Sustainability

● Bachelor of Commerce

● Diploma in Management and Tourism

● Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

● 20 plus years in senior management in the not-for-profit  and Community Education sectors

Laura really takes the time to understand the DNA of your organisation, which creates outstanding strategy and content without much editing required from the client side.  

This saved us so much time and created a level of trust to hand over our projects and know they will be executed with both professionalism and a clear understanding of our business goals. Plus, Laura is a delight to work with. 

Kristy | Creative Harvest

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What will be different?

Everything! But let's start with 4 top transformations

Sensational, stress-free marketing

Perfectly planned and expertly executed ....BY US... so you can crack on with changing lives and championing your community

Purposeful, values-driven marketing

Coherent, consistent, brand-building marketing 100% aligned with your values and your business goals  

Straight-from-the-heart marketing

Authentic, trustworthy marketing that forges genuine relationships that stand the test of time   

Delightful, energising marketing

Discover the buzz that comes with attracting and keeping your ideal clients who'll rave about what you do

What will you pay?

A lot less than hiring a Marketing Officer or a Consultant


About the same as attending top-tier marketing workshops and buying a stack of DIY “Excel at marketing’ books.

Measure the cost in terms of:

  • Precious time, energy, and brain space you save by handing the headbanging marketing job to someone who’ll get you seen, heard and sought after

  • The influx (inundation, more likely) of clients who connect, stick, and recommend you 

…. And your 💗Beat Marketing Package is probably priceless.

$2200 by monthly direct debit (GST Inclusive)

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