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Marketing Workshops

Grow your brand awareness

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Six fab, fun ways to skill up and stand out 

Get the know-how you'll need, and get stuck in and apply it
Flourish in a safe, supportive space
Come away with post-ready, gosh wow content your audiences will adore  

Canva 101: Your Roadmap to Design Success!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the endless possibilities of Canva?

Trust me, I was there over 5 years ago, but now I'm a Canva pro, using its features effortlessly every day. And I love it!

Let me guide you through the basics of Canva Pro, turning frustration and confusion into clarity and creativity.

Ever felt the frustration of losing hours in Canva without achieving your goal?

You're not alone! I've been there too, desperately trying to whip up "just one quick thing" and ending up lost in a time warp with nothing to show for it.

💀 Feeling lost on the homepage? Wondering where your designs disappeared to?

💀 Not a graphic designer? Don't worry, I've got your back!

💀 Confused about saving, sharing, or organising your designs?

💀 Finished your design but now what?

If any of these sound familiar, trust me, I've been in your shoes.


But fear not! Together, we'll conquer Canva's challenges and unlock its full potential.

Are you ready to reclaim your time and creativity?

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Cost: $49 

Drive your content

Get your content-creating ducks in a row.

Two hours of power on Zoom - part tutorial, part co-working session.
Plus, a top toolbox with tonnes of templates, tips, and resources to set you up to ace the art and science of creating and managing content that converts.

Is this the workshop for you? 
Absolutely, if: 

  • Your social media management is a source of stress and time suckage

  • Your Facebook or Instagram posts are sporadic and more than a bit ‘hit and miss.’ 

  • Your website needs an injection of new blogs that dazzle and shine

  • You know how to create various types of content, but you need to be better at batching and scheduling


Connect to a group of like-minded humans … and me and figure out how to work smarter, not harder, to create kickass content. 

Drive your Content Workshop.png

Cost: $49

Elevate your socials

Review and refine your brand image. Make sure it matches your values and shows your personality.

90 minutes of know-how growing Zoom time – plus a workbook choc-full of sample tasks, templates, and sound advice to set you up for success, and a file of positive, personable, practically irresistible call-to-action prompts (CTAs)

Is this the workshop for you? 
Absolutely, if: 

  • Your Facebook or Instagram pages are unloved and languishing

  • ‘Marketing’ is one of the many hats you wear at work, and you’re struggling to wear it with style  


Supercharge your posts with images, colours, text, and tone of voice that look and sound like the best version of you.

Elevate your socials.png

Cost: $49

Shining Socials

Lighting the way for novices and newbies stuck in the shadows and finding social media posting hard, stressful, and scary. 

90 minutes of game-changing Zoom time – plus heaps of clever, creative content ideas, a workbook packed with fun exercises and fab tips, and a file of road-tested calls to action (CTAs) to capture your customers’ attention


Is this the workshop for you? 
Absolutely, if: you need help to: 

  • Get to grips with the technical and creative basics for being fab on Facebook or Instagram 

  • Figure out whom you’re talking to and how to reach them 


Slay your social media demons and start showing up in style and wowing your ideal audience.  

Shining socials.png

Cost: $49

Marketing Action Catalyst 

Ready to develop a growth-focused marketing plan to elevate your organisation?

A half-day action-packed workshop to devise a strategy outlining how you will engage, make your presence known, and establish connections with your community. Embark in this dynamic workshop crafted to empower you in perfecting your non-profit's marketing plan.

Is this workshop for you?

Absolutely if you need help to:

  • Set attainable and doable goals and priortise your actions

  • Build a authentic brand that is irresistible for your community

  • Master the art and science of showing up in the right places and way 

  • Choose the right social media channels to maximise your reach

  • Design a realistic plan that you can implement

Join Laura as she provides you with actionable advice and valuable insights to drive your organisations goals.

Marketing action catalsyt.png

Cost: $49

Tame the trends

A fast, fun way to find out how to make snazzy new features work for you on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

An hour of power on Zoom – plus a practical, plain English resource that explains the updates and innovations and shows you how to make the most of them.

Is this the workshop for you? 
Absolutely, if: 

  • You get your cyber knickers in a knot trying to keep up with social media's arcane algorithm updates, newest features, hottest topics and coolest tools 

  • You're insatiably curious about exploring ways to reach new customers and reward existing ones 

Swap update angst for effortlessly on trend.

Tame the trends.png

Cost: $49

"Drive your content was inspirational, motivational, and educational, all rolled into one extremely productive session." 

Liane Manley | Photographer

"A great introduction to getting structured and organised to elevate your social media. Laura was inclusive, friendly and very knowledgeable."

Liz Tobin | Calm at Work

"I have done other courses on social media, and I found this one the easiest to navigate to get started."

Sue | Me Time Just for Me 

Want more than workshops?

How about a marketing plan that delivers everything it promises?

What about marketing mentoring that transforms how you think, feel and act as a business human?

Laura laughing and throwing multicoloured streamers in the air
  • Can you manage my social media?
    I certainly can. Pick your perfect social media management package, and I’ll take care of the entire kit and caboodle. View the packages
  • I live in Sydney. Can you mentor me and train my team?
    Absolutely! All my training and mentoring is online. Group and individual mentoring sessions are in Zoom, and coursework is in Kajabi. Take a sneak peek at Build Marketing Momentum
  • Do you have fixed fees for your mentoring and training services?
    Workshop fees range from $15 to $151 per session, per person See all the workshops Choose group or individual places in ‘Build Marketing Momentum' mentoring – 12 weeks to take you from messy to marvellous. Group cost $1500 or Individual mentoring $2500 (payment plans available). Fees for teams are negotiable. Take a sneak peek at Build Marketing Momentum I can tailor a mentoring program to meet your needs and match your budget. Ask about tailored mentoring
  • Why should I choose you?
    I make marketing intelligible, doable, and fun. I have oodles of experience managing and marketing community organisations and small businesses in super competitive sectors. I’ll tune my business building antennae to pick up any barriers to your business success and help you remove them. Work with me, and you’ll get more than marvellous marketing plus my wealth of business know-how. I’ve created a sensible, sensationally effective marketing environment for you to work in. Check out my Elevation Ecosystem More about me

Struggling to get strategic on social media? I can help 

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