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About Laura Higgins

Marketing Mentor | Trainer | Implementor

Laura Higgins smiling at the camera, she is wearing a dark jacket with sparkly patches

Helping community organisations and small businesses navigate the marketing maze and do amazing things

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I'm about more than marketing

My business building antennae are tuned to spot barriers to your business success and opportunities to grow.

My marketing smarts are backed by over twenty years of managing lean, game-changing not-for-profits and running a successful agribusiness in the super competitive export sector. 

Like you, I've worn a hundred hats and done all the things we do to keep our NFPs or small businesses buoyant. I've steered organisations through rough patches and made the most of stretches of smooth sailing. 

The result? If your business is hitting turbulent times, stuck in the doldrums, or wondering how to maximise fair winds and fine weather, I can help. 

Top tip

Marketing builds your business momentum. It's the connective tissue that keeps you in touch with your customers. It bends and stretches as you grow, helping you stay responsive to changing needs.

Marketing's a vital bit of your business anatomy, but if the other bits aren't in great shape, it can't deliver peak performance. If your marketing mentor knows how to help you fine-tune the health of your entire business, that's a bonus.

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I've invented a very cool thing

And you get to use it to turn your marketing into a force of nature.

Work with me, and you'll enter the Elevation Ecosystem
It's my system for making your marketing one of the most creative, connected, sustainable, and wildly successful things you'll do in business.

We build you a web of interconnected marketing activities. Everything flows, and everything makes perfect sense. The Elevation Ecosystem makes it easy and fun for you to stay intent and focused on attracting and keeping your ideal audience. 

Top tip

Successful marketing is a mix of art and science. Look for a system that blends them in ways that foster creativity, rhythm, and accountability. That way, you'll know exactly what to do next, how to do it well and how to measure its impact. 

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I champion connected communities

Thriving not-for-profits and flourishing small businesses are at the heart of healthy, vibrant communities.

I'm doing my bit to help strengthen and celebrate my communities by supporting:

  • Emerging entrepreneurs establish strong business foundations - I’m a Program Mentor with Startup Gippsland 

  • Established Victorian businesses building their online presence - I’m a mentor with Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) on the Digital Solutions

  • Market stall holders launch their small businesses at Gippsland’s vibrant Rokeby Market - I’m a Volunteer Coordinator 

Top tip

Marketing is about meeting your audience and community on their territory and terms. Finding them and figuring out what they need from you can be tricky. It helps to have a deeply connected community advocate and networker in your corner. 

Laura standing outside smiling wearing a hat, sunglasses and a green dress, she is holding a basket

I've got dirt under my fingernails

I'm an obsessive gardener, outdoors and in. That gentle hissing you'll hear on our Zoom calls. That's the mister my house plants adore.

I've also got semi-permanent sand between my toes. That woman walking on the beach or donning her wetsuit to hit the surf at Inverloch could be me. I'll be balancing the desk-bound business of making marketing magic by being by or in the ocean.

Top tip

Marketing is a lot like gardening. There's loads of digging, seeding, feeding and weeding. Then there's the creative waiting while you give things time to grow. Fill this space with whatever gives you energy, optimism, perspective, and joy. 

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All the cred ...

  • Graduate Certificate in Education for Sustainability

  • Bachelor of Commerce

  • Diploma in Management and Tourism

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • Masters in Business Administration


Twenty-plus years as a senior manager in Not-For-Profit and Community Education Organisations dedicated to making a positive difference.

Laura is looking at her phone and holding a cup of coffee, she is wearing a pink blazer

"Laura is funny and positive and brilliant at sharing her considerable knowledge."

Helen Timbury | Helen Timbury Design

Marketing mentoring, training and management delivered ...

... with expertise, energy, empathy, and wit.

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