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A Heart Beat Marketing Success Story

How consistent, heart-driven marketing helped a passionate provider of disability and aged care services make even more of a difference.

The Inspired Hive thrives on making marketing magic with businesses that work tirelessly to create positive change in people's lives. Few things give us greater joy than connecting 'do good' businesses to their communities by shining a light on their exceptional work.

About our client

Exceptional Care for You provides in-home disability and aged care services. They are renowned for peerless client/carer pairing and for going way beyond the extra mile to exceed each client's expectations for high-quality, customised care.

What brought them to us

A year's worth of astonishing growth. Big Heart's Director and admin team dedicate every waking and working hour and all their (very considerable) energy and love to caring for many more clients. And while they are skilful, stylish wearers of multiple hats, wrapping their heads around making marketing magic was just too hard.

What they needed

Exceptional Care for You needed a top-notch marketing strategy and a plan to become more visible and amplify their life-affirming work's impact. They needed a consistently radiant, engaging social media presence that spread the joy that flows from being a heart-driven brand and an exceptional business.

Five things we did with 'enthusiasm, knowledge and skill.'

Heartfelt thanks to Big Heart's Director, Di Geddes for these kind words.

"I am so grateful for the amazing marketing expertise of Laura at The Inspired Hive. I love the enthusiasm, knowledge and skills she brings to everything. We now have a presence on Facebook and Instagram and a whole new look to all our marketing material."

Making a set of beautifully branded templates

We gave Exceptional Care for You's marketing collateral a fresh new look by creating beautifully branded templates that express the essence of their life-changing work.

The result: Every bit of their brand-building print and digital marketing material paints a vivid, memorable picture of the difference they make every single day. Consistent messaging coupled with a vibrant, optimistic, caring look and feel ensures that Big Heart's marketing resonates with current and potential clients and their partner organisations.

Transforming social media

We transformed their flagging Facebook and Instagram pages into heart-stoppingly lovely galleries for showcasing their uniquely humane approach to caregiving.

The result: By telling genuine stories and sharing images brimming with joy and connection, Exceptional Care for You succeeded in touching the hearts of all who stumbled upon their posts.

Launching a monthly newsletter

An upbeat digital update for Exceptional Care for You's extended family.

The result: The newsletter is as informative as it is inspiring. It:

  • Keeps everyone (staff, clients, and networks) abreast of changes in the sector

  • Boosts Big Heart's staff morale to new heights by celebrating the positive changes they make in clients' lives.

Creating gosh-wow digital welcome packs for potential clients

Curious potential new clients can enjoy an immersive digital journey and experience Exceptional Care for You brand of joyful, heart-driven caregiving.

The result: Prospective clients gain genuine insight into Big Heart's outstanding levels of attentive, individualised care. This promotes trust and confidence and sparks their desire to join this remarkable organisation.

Keeping current clients close through caring communication

We mapped all the ways to make caring contact with existing clients and thank them graciously for trusting us to care for them. They include regular phone check-ins to ask for feedback and email updates on new services.

The result: Asking for more or different help or giving feedback on their current care is effortless and welcomed. Because Exceptional Care for You's clients are in no doubt that they're front and centre in the team's hearts and minds.

And the beat goes on……

Our mission to co-create consistently purposeful, powerful, playful marketing with Big Heart continues. Because, as Exceptional Care for You's super busy superhero Director Di succinctly puts it,

"Laura is great at passing on her knowledge and training staff as well, so we can be a little more self-sufficient, although I couldn't imagine doing marketing without Laura's amazing touch."

A monthly' hour of power' meeting takes care of pulse-checking marketing success and planning next month's carefully calibrated activities. We back this up with on-call advice. Exceptional Care for You's team need only send us an 'SOS' message via the (super secure, award-winning) Marco Polo video app, and we'll be there.

It is our absolute pleasure and privilege to spotlight Exceptional Care for You''s dedication and downright brilliance in making a difference for the greater good.

By creating consistent marketing messaging infused with their trademark joy and compassion, we've helped ensure that this messaging resonates with their community and reaches new clients.

Could your marketing use a pulse check?

If Exceptional Care for You's success prompts you to want to up the pace and rhythm of your marketing, we can be with you in a 💗Beat


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