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Setting superb and doable goals for business and marketing

Previously we discussed why we need goals in business and marketing. They help us create a marketing strategy that gives direction, and momentum and converts your audience to customers.

How to form your goals

There is no point in having a goal if they aren’t superb, ambitious and doable, as you might become disheartened and lose sight of the objective.

You might have heard about SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely) goal setting, but have you heard of PACT? They focus on the output you are striving to achieve.

  • P – Purposeful. Your goal should excite you and have enough meaning to your business life that it will be relevant right now. It’s all about deeply connecting and caring about where you are heading

  • A – Actionable. You want to make sure that you can reach your outputs today, tomorrow and in the future and that you will be able to get these.

  • C – Continous. Your goals must be 150% doable as you don’t want to feel pressure and be paralysed by dreams that you know you will not be able to achieve. It’s also about continuous improvement; you might not get things right all the time, but you are working towards the more significant overall aim, and you can make adjustments as you move forward.

  • T – Trackable. Are your efforts going to be reviewed and analysed to see how your efforts perform.

Writing your goals

Use this formula:

By {period of time}, {name if there is a specific team/person} will increase/reach {insert metrics}.

  • Goal one – Be recognised as an industry expert with a high level of skills and knowledge in the next 12 months

  • Goal two – By the end of 2022, increase brand awareness for growth and build a new audience, ultimately gaining 20% new customers.

  • Goal three – to improve conversion rates to increase revenue by 10% at the end of the financial year.

Not sure what goals you should be setting and how to sustainably achieve these?

Get in touch so we can plan to elevate your marketing together.


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