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AI - is it here to help? Fantasies, fears, and facts

However you feel about it, excited, scared, or nonplussed, as in ‘what even is AI?’, AI’s wordsmithing incarnation Chat GPT is already having a huge impact on how we create all kinds of content.

Like any new disruptive technology, AI and ChatGPT generate their fair share of fears and fantasies.

The fantasy

In the form of ChatGPT, AI becomes your groovy wordsmithing cyber slave. It does all the hard yakka needed to create kickass content to market your business. No more wracking your busy business brain for ideas. No more taking time to turn those ideas into cracking good posts.

Just hand the job to Chat GPT, and huzzah…oodles of great ideas and a tsunami of fully formed posts tumble out of its terrifyingly smart robot brain.

The fear

AI will do humans out of their jobs. Who’d spend scarce dollars on living, breathing copywriters, marketers, graphic designers etc., when AI DYI does the trick?

As a business owner, worrying about AI-induced redundancies probably isn't keeping you awake at night. Fair enough.

But perhaps you’re a tad bit uneasy about how AI might ‘influence’ the algorithms that drive and draw customers to your business. There is little doubt that AI bias is a thing, and we need to look out for it.

In short, humans program AI, and in the process, they inadvertently (or maybe even deliberately) infuse its cleverly engineered brain with their personal prejudices and assumptions.

The result? Some of us miss out or get misrepresented. Some forces for good get overtaken by forces for not-so-good. You get the idea.

The facts

At least as we ‘know’ them at the moment, because AI is evolving faster than….. [add the ‘speeding bullet ‘style cliché of your choice]

AI’s ferocious data-gathering powers (think Google on steroids) have huge global do-good potential in any research-driven area connected to our well-being. Think cures for killer illnesses and slowing climate change.

You can harness these powers for your business by using AI’s awesome info-amassing capacity to research your market, add a chat function to your website, brainstorm ways to generate leads and generally engage your customers.

BUT… and it’s a big one. For sure, AI and Chat GPT have brilliant data processing smarts. BUT (for the moment at least) they don’t have anything like the brand-building big warm hug generating creativity of the skilful flesh and blood humans helping you make marketing magic.

Curious about how to use ChatGPT?

Up for a readable, honest overview of ‘what even is AI?’ Here you go


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