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Small business is at the heart of our community

From support groups, sporting clubs, not for profit organisations and schools they all go to small businesses for support, connections, fundraising and local expertise. These small businesses are the beating heart of our community, and they are hurting.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia says, “three in four small businesses have taken a revenue hit during Covid-19.”

Small business is a significant component of what we value about our community, and they need our support right now. We don’t want to lose what we value most about where we live.

Think about what shop you like to visit locally on the weekend, what you couldn’t live without weekly. I bet that there is a local cafe, shop or service that is on your list, most of which are owned by small entrepreneurs.

As a mum of boys, I sit on a local sporting group and community committees. There are occasions we ask local small businesses to help and assist with different events for fundraising. They are always very generous in offering support.

Without their support, some of these local groups would not exist. These groups bring assistance, vibrancy and experiences to our local communities.

As a small business owner who is passionate about working within the community, we need to do our bit. It’s now our turn as individuals to ensure our local community of small businesses feel the support they so desperately need.

Make sure you think about your purchases, ask if you can buy locally from a small business instead of a large company that doesn’t directly work within your community.


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