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Creating awesome content

Why it matters, how it works, where to begin.

As the human wearing the marketing hat (OK, it’s probably one of many) for your small business or community organisation, you’ll have heard that content marketing (or digital content marketing) matters – a lot.

You heard right.

When it comes to making a success of your socials, content marketing rules – it’s the Queen of your digital kingdom.

But besides being a bit of jittery-making jargon, what even is content marketing?

Let’s demystify content marketing.

Content marketing is a process

  • Plan –get clear on what you want to achieve on social media. Then set some superb and doable marketing goals that match your ‘big picture’ business aims. Done that? Great! Now start using the six sure-fire strategies for creating content I’ve outlined below

  • Create – clear, confident words and videos + great images + smart formatting

  • Publish – on socials, blogs, websites, podcasts, print publications, anywhere your audience shows up

Content marketing is targeted. It talks directly to your ideal audience, addresses their needs, and wants, anticipates, and answers their questions. It’s posted in places they’ll find it.

Content marketing is storytelling. You share information about who you are, why you do what you do, who supports and inspires you, and where your business is headed.

Content marketing works when it engages and delights curious humans and converts them into lovely, loyal customers who buy from you and introduce others to your business.

Five regal reasons why content marketing is Queen

  1. It builds trust. People who feel like they know you are more likely to buy what you’re selling. (I bet you have a special shop where they know your name and greet you like a friend)

  2. It connects you with your audience, so they’re curious and keen to know more. People love feeling part of something bigger. Show your audience what you are trying to achieve and what lights you up, and they’ll get behind you and cheer you on.

  3. It grows your ‘expert rep.’ Be open and generous about sharing your knowledge and experience. Add value by helping people make sense of any ‘hard to grasp bits’ of what you do. Simplify what’s complex and grow your credibility as a knowledgeable, helpful business human

  4. It helps generate new business. Done well, digital marketing takes your products or services to places you’d never think of going. Clever, creative content reaches audiences who are ready and waiting for what you’re offering. Being brilliant on social media is a giant step towards achieving your bigger business goals and moving the needle forward.

  5. It gets Google’s attention. The Google bots love fresh, top-quality content. Regularly updating your socials and website (with the right stuff) generates lots of SEO* juice. Google laps this up and rewards you by ranking you higher in the Google search listing, making you easier to find.

Ok, now that we’ve taken care of the ‘why’, let’s look at the ‘how’ of creating great content your audience will adore. For starters, try doing these six things.

6 Sure-fire ways to create kickass content

These things help turn curious, lukewarm browsers and bystanders into red-hot-ready buyers. I’ve been doing them to create my clients’ stand-out social media content for over three years. They’ll work for you too!

  1. Have content pillars (themes) that match your business goals, so your content is consistent and relevant.

  2. Write clear, conversational FAQ based on actual customer queries, so your customers will see you as responsive and transparent.

  3. Use ‘Ask the public’, enter your question or topic, and it’ll come up with ideas and links.

  4. Do a poll on socials. Ask your audience what they want to see more of from you, so you can see what’s making an impact or missing the mark.

  5. Create a ‘content ideas home’ – a centralised file for storing all your ideas so you can see and celebrate how much great stuff you can create

  6. Seek support from a marketing mentor, hint

6 Brain-boosting ways to get ideas flowing

Stumped for stuff that’ll make cracking good content? It’s probably time to get out of your head, in a good way. Treat your brain to some new perspectives, places, and people.

  1. Try mind-mapping or brainstorming. It opens your thinking⁠

  2. Get out into nature, do your happy thing, or take a short break⁠. It gives your brain breathing space

  3. Change your workspace or even go to a co-working space (Herd Coworking is my local)⁠ it changes your view

  4. Chat to other colleagues⁠. It’s even better if you get to do it over coffee. It’s reassuring, re-energising and fun

  5. Join a networking group, even if it feels scary at first, you never know whom you’ll meet there’s every chance you’ll be pleasantly surprised

  6. Listen to a podcast (I love to listen to @emmamcqueen, she brings such joy and insight to business life). It’s an easy, efficient way to get inspired.

Take your digital marketing to the next level

Creating great content is just one part of a big-picture marketing strategy to set your business up for success.

If you’re stuck for ways to make ‘the digital bit’ fit snugly into your overall marketing strategy, book a free 20-minute chat


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