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A leading-edge in employment

Re-entering the workforce can be challenging; you feel out of touch, lack confidence and wonder what has changed. The Inspired Hive recently worked on an incredible program with Myrtleford Neighbourhood Centre and local industry to provide a program to bridge that gap.

The Jobs and Training Needs Report, shows administration, retail and hospitality were amongst the most advertised jobs within Hume. This regional Victorian area needed a skilled workforce.

Myrtleford Neighbourhood Centre (MNC) deliver a Customer Service course to meet the demands of the industry. The catch was, employers were now looking for people with extra skills, including social media and digital marketing!

That's where MNC needed to offer a course to provide additional skills for those entering employment or upskilling existing staff. With two distinct types of learners, the time and location of the course needed to be accessible for both. They knew the answer was offering an online course, but how would they create this while staying within the parameters of a tight budget?

Over a few months, Laura, the Lead Trainer and Mentor at The Inspired Hive was mentoring their leadership team to market their organisation effectively. They started talking to Laura about their course conundrum, and she come up with this solution!

From managing pre-accredited and accredited training in large adult community education organisations, the solution was to develop an online Digital Marketing Course for Beginners.

Her knowledge and experience of working within the sector and designing courses to meet specific cohort learner needs were ready to be put into action.

Over a few months, Laura planned instructional lessons with activities and exercises, consolidating their student's new skills and knowledge.

Laura has always loved technology. Ten years ago, she graduated from the ACPET (now ITECA Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia) E-mentoring program. As a result, she was able to combine her training and marketing expertise to help learners.

After writing, recording and creating a range of resources, they were ready to be moderated. A fellow trainer tested the materials and gave feedback.

The five topics were ready to be uploaded into the learning management system, and MNC had their first student enrol.

It was exciting times!

Students completed the topics and had a resource book, ready to show to employers. This resource provided working examples of their knowledge and understanding of digital marketing.

These graduates now had a leading edge over fellow candidates to gain that job or promotion. One part-time employee gained additional hour's of employment to do their social media.

Two months post completion, graduates are now working across Hume and continuing to hone their skills. What an incredible opportunity to be part of the solution to overcome the obstacles of returning to the workforce! For information about how Laura and the team can support your goals, please reach out.


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