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Magnificent Marketing Templates and Guide

Revolutionise your marketing with proven tools and strategies!

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If you're looking to elevate your marketing game, you're in the right place. Our 'Magnificent Marketing Templates and Guides' is a your solid business resource designed to streamline your marketing efforts and enhance your brand's impact.

How it saves
you time!

This 38-page treasure trove of scripts, emails and handy tips, are ready for you to download and implement as part of your business systems.

No more:

  • Forming emails to ask for reviews, seeking feedback, sending proposals

  • Coming up with ideas for blogs, knowing what to put on landing pages

  • Developing email sequences to keep your audience warm and keen to work with you!

  • Having scripts for business development

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What's included:

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Lead and business development

  • Emails for 

    • Scheduling a discovery call

    • Proposal and recommendation email

    • Proposal follow up email

    • Cold calling script and email

    • Celebrate success and sustain momentum

  • Scripts ready to use

    • Cold calling

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  • Asking for Google reviews

  • Sending feedback forms (service and product based business)

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  • ​Guides for:

    • Blog formats

    • Landing pages

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Email Automation and campaigns

  • Email welcome sequence​

  • Email campaigns/newsletter formats

Meet Laura - Your Guide to Marketing Mastery

Join Laura as she walks you through the essence of these powerful marketing tools, offering insights into how you can maximise their potential for your business.

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