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Laura Higgins is standing outside smiling, she is wearing glasses and a black and blue top
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Marketing Strategy | Training & Support

Helping heart-driven humans build their business buzz

"The Inspired Hive was able to reach our ideal customer to promote our full range of services. 

This included socials, email marketing, website updates and increasing our word of mouth. They thought out of the box to increase our brand awareness."

Joellen | Families First

Reach your audience

4 ways I help

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Marketing mentoring for groups or individuals

As much expertise, empathy, nudging and nurturing as you need to make you a marketing ace. 

Two hours, twelve weeks, six months, or anything in between.

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Marketing workshops

Five fantastically effective, fun ways to skill up and stand out on social media. 

Designed to give you the know-how you need and the space to get stuck in and apply it. 

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Marketing strategy - get a great plan

A five-step process for creating your ideal marketing roadmap. Get direction and momentum. Stay on track. No detours, no dead ends.

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Social media management

Three carefully crafted, thoroughly tested packages for busy business humans. 

Hand me your socials and swap sad results and stress for peak performance and peace of mind. 

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"Laura is brilliant at finding solutions to problems 

and… she has helped me create a much stronger social media presence, which my business really needed."

Jodie | The Language Scene

Business brain with a knack for ironing out issues

Laura Higgins is sitting outside working on her laptop, she is similing at the camera. Laura is wearing a black jacket, white top and glasses

Hi, I'm Laura ...

I’m Queen Bee at The Inspired Hive, where I work with community organisations and small business owners to build their business buzz.

Come to me for marketing help and get more than you bargained for. After twenty-plus years of keeping organisations and my own small business competitive and compliant, I’ve got super sensitive business building antennae. If I sense something’s not working or see how you could do things better. I’ll let you know.   

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Community-minded change maker  

I’ve spent my entire career helping talented humans unlock their potential and achieve great things for themselves, their families, and their communities. I’ve moved on from managing large community organisations, but my core purpose hasn’t changed.   

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Grateful, green-fingered Gippslander 

I’m a gardener and a beachcomber. When I’m not making marketing magic, you’ll find me knee-deep in my veg patch, swimming and surfing in the mighty Pacific, and feeling deeply thankful for the gift of living in one of the planet's loveliest places.

"Laura provides clear, easy to understand training for our staff in using digital technology – 

Social Media, creating videos, updating websites."

Casey | Melton Real Estate

Build Marketing Momentum

A twelve-week transformational marketing skills program for small businesses and community organisations 

Sort your marketing muddle

Replace hit and miss 'publicity' for proper marketing that's powerful, purpose-driven, playful, and whole 

  • One-on-one mentoring and group sessions via Zoom

  • Self-paced exercises and oodles of templates, tips and resources on Kajabi

  • Entry into my Elevation Ecosystem - where we join all the dots and create marketing magic that converts curious bystanders into contented customers 


Get all the information and skills you need to show up in style in your ideal customers' favourite places and knock their socks right off.

Join a scheduled program or talk to me about customised training for you or your team.

Laura is looking over a laptop and smiling, she is wearing an orange cardigan and glasses

A cracking great marketing plan

All the strategies for creating and sustaining momentum 

A knack for working on (as well as in) your business

See the big picture, seize every opportunity to evolve 

A steady stream of contented clients plus ...

.. a waitlist choc-full of people busting to work with you 

A great, big burst of delight thanks to ...

...all those lovely, loyal clients who rave about what you do

4 Top takeaways

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Marketing workshops

Drive your content

Drive your content

Get your content-creating ducks in a row.

The Inspired Hive Podcast

Lend inspiring humans your ears, learn new marketing stuff

The Inspired Hive Podcast Cover

The Inspired Hive

Now streaming!

Be my guest

Express your interest in a guest spot on The Inspired Hive Podcast

Hear from me

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Top marketing tips, social media success stories, questions asked and answered ... twice a month on Tuesdays.

It's the bee's knees

"Laura was critical in developing a social media plan for Rokeby Market. 

and took its socials presence from a drip feed to a tsunami!"

Kate Hill | Rokeby Market

Laura Higgins smiling and holding two pink heart balloons, Laura is wearing a hot pink blazer
  • Can you manage my social media?
    I certainly can. Pick your perfect social media management package, and I’ll take care of the entire kit and caboodle. View the packages
  • I live in Sydney. Can you mentor me and train my team?
    Absolutely! All my training and mentoring is online. Group and individual mentoring sessions are in Zoom, and coursework is in Kajabi. Take a sneak peek at Build Marketing Momentum
  • Do you have fixed fees for your mentoring and training services?
    Workshop fees range from $15 to $151 per session, per person See all the workshops Choose group or individual places in ‘Build Marketing Momentum' mentoring – 12 weeks to take you from messy to marvellous. Group cost $1500 or Individual mentoring $2500 (payment plans available). Fees for teams are negotiable. Take a sneak peek at Build Marketing Momentum I can tailor a mentoring program to meet your needs and match your budget. Ask about tailored mentoring
  • Why should I choose you?
    I make marketing intelligible, doable, and fun. I have oodles of experience managing and marketing community organisations and small businesses in super competitive sectors. I’ll tune my business building antennae to pick up any barriers to your business success and help you remove them. Work with me, and you’ll get more than marvellous marketing plus my wealth of business know-how. I’ve created a sensible, sensationally effective marketing environment for you to work in. Check out my Elevation Ecosystem More about me

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