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What to do when your business outgrows your branding

4 Ways to refresh your brand's 'gosh wow' vibe with business branding!

Your business is evolving. Go You!  

You're investing oodles of energy, time, and money in updating your products and services. You're all over identifying and meeting changing customer demands.

Your business branding looks and feels as fresh as the day it was born. 

Looking at branding your business

If your response to this last bit is,' Erm…well.. not exactly,' or, 'Can I check on that and get back to you?' I'm guessing your original shiny business branding might now be out of step with your current business vision and vibe.  

Does that matter? Yep, it matters.

Outdated branding does your current business zero favours. A brand refresh sends a lovely, lively message about how you've grown and got even greater. 

calling out for help for rebranding

Is it tough to fix? No, although a brand update will take time and effort. So, if you've zero brain space or hours to spend reviewing your Analytics or if design and copywriting aren't your strong suits, you may want to yell for help.

If your business branding no longer reflects your shiny business success, here are four ways to fix that.

1. Refresh your 'look and feel.

Breathe new life into tired logos, fonts, and colour palettes.

Here's a fresh, new, contemporary logo makeover I prepared earlier for my events management client, Key Conference and Events.

previous brand design
new design

We swapped a blocky 70's corporate-looking vibe for a softer, rounder, funner (yep, that's a word!) more inclusive feel my client adores.

2. Spruik your team's awesomeness!

Team photo of the marketing team

Mine the marketing gold that comes with going from solo to several or two to ten by:


  • Swapping 'I' for 'we' in your website and social media copy.

  • Adding team profiles to your About Page "Go for professional pics and succinct bios that spotlight how your lovely, skilful humans can help your customers". 

  • Featuring team members on your socials Show their 'shoes-off side' (with permission naturally) as well as their particular expertise and interests

3. Weed and feed your website

Your website is your business's virtual home. And just like your actual home, it's never a 'set and forget'. If your site looks like the '90s may be about to call and ask for its design back, it's probably time for a makeover.


A classy, contemporary website isn't just eye candy; it's your digital storefront saying, 'Come on in, we're here to listen and help!'


In-home disability and aged care providers, Exceptional Care for You's website didn't fully reflect their extraordinary, joyful, compassionate work.

We made sure it does now.Visit Exceptional Care for You's website 



Website re-branded

Stuck for a starting point for updating your website?

  • Check your analytics – the Google bots keep close tabs on where your visitors come from, go, and stay. If your brain's going ..Analytics? You wot? Ask for help.

  • Check your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – are your current keywords still the ones clients search for? Do these keywords reflect what you're currently offering? NOTE: There's more to SEO than keywords, but they're a good place to start. And if your brain's going 'SEO? We're so not across that one'... Shout for help.

  • Audit your site – review its security, check for broken links, and remove outdated content. The decide how and where you'll add fresh new words and images.  

4. Reality-check your client base

Are you still focused on the same adorable humans you've always targeted? Or have they (and you) changed?

Reviewing the rebranded design

Even if you're still drawing your ideal clients from the same or similar groups, odd very much on, their wants and needs have changed.

  • Ask your current customers why they buy from you and what else they'd like you to offer them.

  • Run a test campaign that targets a slightly or significantly different audience – analyse the hell out of the results and apply what you learn 

  • Take a squizz at your competitors. What can you learn from their website and socials?

This guide from marketing giant SEMrush has heaps of tips on how to analyse your customers 

Check in with Laura at The Inspired Hive

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room," said Jeff Bezos. However you feel about Amazon's boss, he's nailed one of marketing's home truths here.

If you've got niggling hunch or a heap of Google Analytics telling you your brand may not be getting the great rap your business deserves, I can help you change that.




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