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Protecting and diversifying your marketing assets

You have been working for many months or years building and nurturing your social media account/s. People love your content; your following continues to grow, there are new business leads and people are purchasing. Your business is heavily reliant on social media as your primary marketing initiative.

In one nanosecond, bam, it’s gone!

  • You’ve lost your social media account

  • You have been hacked

  • Or had your account taken down

This is what nightmares are made of!

So, here are some ways to help protect social media accounts.

Hacking red flags

Hackers often appear in your DM’s through someone you already know. For example, you might get an email or a direct message saying how much they love your content, and then there is a URL link that prompts you click. This may even come through from someone you know, as they get hacked first. If you are unsure, don’t click.

Reduce risk

If you are sent a link that you are unsure of;

  1. Right click the link

  2. Copy the link

  3. Paste into notes or word

  4. You will then see the URL address is not from Facebook or Instagram

  5. Don’t use your Facebook account to log in to apps or play games

  6. If you get a message to ‘verify’ an account or person, look at the address first. Don’t click the link.

  7. A facebook or Instagram email asking you to take action will have the following address ends; or … or … or …

Keeping your account safe

  1. Ensure your contact email and phone are current

  2. Set up two-factor authentication

  3. This can be done through

  4. Settings/Security/Two-factor authentication

Move quickly and calmly

Hackers are smart cookies, and can get your password quickly. Facebook and Instagram will send you an email every time you change your password asking for confirmation. For example;

If you haven’t changed your password, go in quickly and update all accounts.

All social media platforms have big teams to help users recover their accounts.

Go to the social media help pages and follow the steps.

Big, huge, enormous tip!

Make sure you don’t solely rely on connecting with your audience through social media. You should have alternative marketing initiatives to increase visibility with your audience in different locations.

Start creating a mailing list today, so that you can reach your customers at any time. The mailing list is something that you own, not social media platforms.

I really hope that this blog helps you to protect your accounts and if you ever do have that moment you loss everything, it will not be a complete disaster.

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